The First of its Kind in Victoria Falls


Why Invest


Victoria Falls is not only a phenomenal natural wonder of the world and on the bucket list of many people, but it is also surrounded on all sides by magnificent game parks which makes it the ideal safari destination. Very few tourists on holiday or safari to Zimbabwe, Zambia or Botswana do not add Victoria Falls to their itinerary.

With the new Victoria Falls International Airport scheduled for completion by September 2015, Victoria Falls will truly become the hub of this region, negating the need to connect through Johannesburg. International tourists will fly direct to Victoria Falls and then continue on safari to one of the many national parks located nearby. Tourist arrivals are predicted to continue to grow at a steady rate and more accommodation will be required to satisfy this ever increasing demand.

If that’s not reason enough, Victoria Falls also has a massive shortage of land available for development. Although it is surrounded by huge tracts of national parks land, this is protected for its wildlife and will never be developed. A large demand for a very limited supply of developable land exists, which can only really mean one thing, property prices will continue to increase.

The Bonamanzi site is one of the only remaining blocks of land designated for commercial development within the immediate vicinity of the town. It has prime position on a ridge overlooking and bordering the National Park, with the finest, far reaching, north facing views to the Zambezi River and Zambia beyond.

The luxury ergonomic design and the high quality interior decors of the Villas make them without doubt the best holiday homes available and are sure to place them as market leaders in self-catering accommodation in Victoria Falls. The Bonamanzi Rental Pool Company recommended rental rates have been set at conservative levels for the quality of accommodation on offer, to ensure high occupancies. There is room in the future to increase these prices to be more in line with other high end accommodation facilities thereby increasing the ROI.

Private investor have for years been seeking to purchase property in Victoria Falls with the aim of enjoying time there with friends and family, in this phenomenal holiday destination. Some are also looking at getting a return on their money invested but faced several challenges. Long term rentals, although highly sought after, meant very low returns plus their tenants wouldn’t move out when the owners arrived on holiday.

Marketing and managing an individual property was a huge challenge and often not viable, especially from a distance. Bonamanzi has sought to address these issues and now provides not only the best quality houses available on the market but also a management and rental company to cope with maintenance and short term rental issues if the owner requires them.

Bonamanzi is not timeshare; Timeshare owners do not own their property but rather release it back to the developer after a certain period. Bonamanzi property owners each have a sectional title which they own outright and are free to sell the property whenever they wish. Timeshare owners would normally only own 1 to 2 weeks in the year. Owners in Bonamanzi own all 52 weeks and are able to keep as many and rent out as many weeks as they wish thereby determining their own Return on Investment.

The use of light weight steel frame structures in construction, which is the preferred method of building in many first world countries today, demonstrates the innovative principles employed by the designers and developers, this coupled with their quest for an eco-friendly resort, using solar power wherever possible, recycling water and waste products will ensure Bonamanzi stays ahead of all its local competitors.

Summary of benefits

  • Victoria Falls is the Adventure Capital of Africa and hub of this tourist region
  • Completion of Victoria Falls international airport will have a positive impact on tourist arrivals
  • High demand for decent quality houses with a shortage of supply
  • Shortage of land available for development increases the demand
  • Unlimited usage of own villa
  • Attractive return on investment predictions
  • Investors have outright ownership of their property via sectional title
  • First of its kind, off plan investment allowing for good capital growth
  • Luxury villas, ergonomically designed will place Bonamanzi as a market leader in self-catering accommodation
  • Luxuriously designed optionla interior packages designed by professionals
  • Affordably priced holiday rentals to ensure high occupancies
  • Innovative light weight steel frame structures, solar power and recycling principles creating an eco-friendly environment
  • Situated only 4kms from town centre
  • Bordering the National park with unhindered views of the park and Zambezi river beyond
  • Hassle free, secure and managed complex
  • Only facility that has large enough units suitable for big families and groups wanting to be together

If you would like to receive more information regarding this development please contact us and we will be glad to answer any question that you have.

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